Are you planning on visiting New York City? In the city that never sleeps, there are many places to visit and numerous sights to see. Are you having a hard time deciding where to begin on your journey? Here are five places that won’t disappoint you during your trip. As my girl, Taylor Swift says, “welcome to new York, its been waiting for you!”

Photo taken by Mike Steele;

1. Top of the Rock.

Step inside Rockefeller center, located in downtown Manhattan, and prepare yourself for the view of a lifetime. Spanning over three floors while standing over 800 feet above ground level, you’ll receive an incredible 360-degree view of New York City. When you’re not observing the mesmerizing  view of the city, you’ll enjoy beautiful artwork, fantastic food, and great shopping located throughout Rockefeller Center. Located in midtown Manhattan, this plaza has it all. You won’t be disappointed!


Photo taken by m01229;

Photo taken by m01229;

2. Central Park.

Visit the Central Park Zoo, enjoy a picnic on the Great Lawn, or experience Shakespeare in the park. Covering 843 acres of land in the heart of Manhattan, there is so much to explore. If you’re not sure what you want to see, take a tour and explore it all.  Bring your dog, kids, friends, family, or just go by yourself; there is something here for everyone!


3. Raines Law Room.

Are you looking for a hidden gem, away from the typical tourist scene? Check out this hidden speakeasy, located in Chelsea. Once you push the door buzzer to get inside, you’ll fall in love with the 1920’s  vibe and killer cocktails menu. If you arrive early in the evening, you’ll  be seated at a table surrounded by velvet couches where you push a buzzer for your service. If you don’t happen to make it early enough for a table, don’t worry! There is plenty of room at the bar, and on nice evenings, an outdoor area. Raines Law Room is a perfect escape from New York’s hustle and bustle!


Photo taken by Marcin Wichary;

Photo taken by Marcin Wichary;

4. Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Take a stroll to the East Side or Chelsea for a night of comedy! The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre is a great, cheap place to try if you’re looking to laugh. With different shows going on each night, you’re bound to find someone you’ll love. Many big name comedians got their start at UCB and often times you can find them performing, or enjoying a show themselves. Whether it’s a big name comedian, or an up-and-coming performer, you won’t be disappointed when you check out UCB.


Photo taken by Anthony Quintano;

Photo taken by Anthony Quintano;

5. The Brooklyn Bridge.

Take a walk along New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge extends from Manhattan’s East Side all the way into Brooklyn. Get ready for a picturesque view full of beautiful photo ops! When you’re not taking pictures throughout your walk, you’ll learn all about New York’s amazing history and incredible secrets. It’s a sight that you cannot miss!

Enjoy these five spectacular places during your time in New York! Have you been to New York? What are your favorite spots to visit?