We don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, as a team we feel that goals of any kind shouldn’t have to wait until the beginning of a year. However, we have been working on some new goals (and made some progress already, yey!) that we thought it would be a good time to share with you and perhaps inspire you in your own fashion resolutions (if you believe in them).

no more late night snacksswitch my jewelry more oftenno more fast fashion acquire thoughtfully

















Alma Steger, founder
I have made it a goal to acquire thoughtfully. I want every piece in my wardrobe to be tailored and to be a piece that I actually wear and truly fits. So far I love how my closet looks less cluttered and I get to be more creative with the way I wear my clothes. No more impulse shopping for me.

Annie Smith, website developer
I’m happy to say that the amount of pieces I’ve bought from fast fashion has been decreasing with time. This year, I want to say goodbye to Forever 21 and Zara for good. I want to buy better, classic pieces that will last me through many seasons from independent shops that make a difference in their communities.

Andrea Reese, social media coordinator
I’ve been wearing the same jewelry for many days in a row. I was gifted with some beautiful pieces that I’d like to really show off. And with so much jewelry around me it really feels like a sin not to wear the pieces I own.

Emma Johnson, strategic partnerships + new business development
Late night snacking has been a hard habit to kick. It is my goal to stop the habit cold turkey and perhaps adopt a healthier one. Perhaps working out is in my future?!

How about you, do you create new year’s resolutions? What kind of goals have you set for yourself lately? Share with us so we can cheer you along the way!