Our Story

Welcome! We’re thrilled you are here and want to know more about us!

Our mission is to support women to become all they can be
and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

• • Our mantra is to make every woman feel confident and stylish! • •

The Alma & Co. team scours the world and creates collaborations with an eclectic group of independent designers to give you an experience of global discovery that fuels your life’s passions. We aim to be an inspiring place to shop for a curated line of limited-edition fashion jewelry with a global flair!

If you appreciate a unique sense of style, you are in the right place! We only carry a limited quantity of any particular jewelry piece, so you have the confidence that only a selected few will be wearing your statement piece – kiss seeing your jewelry twin at the party goodbye! So grab that baby while you can! Or better yet, sign up for the Alma & Co. VIP jewelry subscription box and be first to flaunt some fabulous style! You can also sign up for our email list, and you’ll be the first to know when new pieces are added. We will also keep you in the know about our exclusive events and offers!


Join the team
We love our community and there are several ways to be part of our mission. As part of our team you’ll join a social network of strong, visionary and confident women living a global movement. Women who know what they want and go for it. It is our joy to provide women everywhere with a platform to help them create the life they crave:

  • Working with bloggers. We value personal style and self-expression that’s why collaborating with bloggers is a top priority for us. Find all the different ways we work with bloggers

  • Working with independent designers. Are you a designer or supplier who wants to see your items featured on Alma & Co.? Tell us about yourself and email us a few samples of your work to info{at}myalmaco.com

  • Careers at Alma & Co. Think you have what it takes? Check out openings.


Our designs are inspired by the stories of women everywhere and it’s no different when it comes to helping our communities. Through the donation of a percentage of every sale and charitable events hosted by Alma & Co. throughout the year, we are helping to spread the word for charitable organizations and grow the communities where we live, work and play.

Causes we support:
Children & Women Wellness | Happy & Healthy Planet

Interested in partnering with Alma & Co. to bring a little love to your community? Send a note to hello{at}myalmaco.com

Our Partners, past and present
March of Dimes, Dress for Success, Girls Rule!


Our founder
Alma & Co. was born during a time of many firsts for Alma Steger. It was with Alma & Co. that she was venturing into the fashion world for first time and a few short months later becoming a mom. As a matter of fact, it was the desire to start a family and her childhood memories of shopping abroad what prompted her to start Alma & Co. as a way to also help other women

I wanted to find a way to be present for my family while still having a career. I always found jewelry so fascinating and I remember my favorite part of traveling was finding that special little gem while browsing through the charming local shops. There’s so much personality and design in something so small. I love how much it can show about your personal style! ~Alma


Behind the Name
The Alma & Co. Blue Butterfly stands for freedom, fun, openness, love and joyous times. Butterflies are beautiful, graceful, delicate yet strong creatures. It is said that spotting or holding a blue butterfly can have a calming effect and it is considered lucky, as these are rarely seen in some parts of the world.

The Alma & Co. Blue Butterfly also stands out as our reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we are all small and seemingly the same, but as we grow our true beauty shows. Our Alma & Co. community is full of social butterflies, graceful, colorful, and strong women who know what they want and work for it. All different but beautiful in their own way.

In the Greek culture, a butterfly is symbolic of the soul as the antique Greek word for butterfly is psyche, which translated means soul, which translates to alma in Spanish. So, there it is! All together makes sense to us and we hope it makes sense to you too!