Who has time to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends when we all deal with the business of life- a career, school, family, friends? I too struggle to motivate myself to dress like an adult and leave my house to shop during my precious “me time”. I assume that I am not alone, right? I am so grateful for the person who first allowed us to experience the joy of online shopping, so that girls like us are able to shop from the comfort of our couches! While I struggle to motivate myself to shop, I get an overwhelming sense of pride when people ask where I bought my outfit or jewelry. I enjoy knowing that I am wearing something that was created with a limited quantity, providing people like me, with a sense of originality.

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This subscription box is made for you, the girl who enjoys shopping for original pieces from the comfort of your couch! Additionally, the Alma & Co. VIP box is actually made for you. It is delivered to your front door each month and curated with one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from local, independent designers, to fit your personal style. No, they are not mind readers, so in order to understand your style, you have to create a style profile in which you can specify what you like and don’t like, as well as add pieces from the online store to your wish list. A personal stylist will take your individual style profile into consideration when they send you 2-3 pieces in your box each month; one of the pieces will be taken directly from your wish list.

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With this subscription box, you will have pieces to match your own personal style while supporting local, independent designers who create each piece with you in mind. These pieces are not from large manufacturing companies, but are of high-quality material. This subscription box has provided me with styling tips to help me mix it up with each piece. Rest easy knowing that you will be supporting local and independent designers through this subscription! Click on this link to subscribe to the Alma & Co VIP Box; you won’t be disappointed!