Your phone is full of pictures and videos documenting your summer. Unfortunately, your camera roll is full and you have to make room…dilemma. You struggle to decide whether to delete the pictures you took on vacation, or the pictures you took while hanging out with friends and family. How do you choose? Luckily for you, you no longer have to fight between keeping your favorite beach picture and deleting the adorable picture of your dog. Thanks to Google Photos app, you can safely backup and store all of your photos and videos, while making room on your camera roll.

Photo Aug 10, 2 41 59 PM

1. Safely save and backup photos.

The Google Photos app ensures that all of your photos and videos are safe and easily accessible from your devices. With the Google Photos app, you will never have to worry about deleting photos again to gain space again! This app makes sure that your photos and videos are safely backed up before you clear them from your phone, computer, or tablet.  You can choose to have high quality, unlimited cloud storage or store choose up to 15GB; all for free! All of this is shared across your Google account, making it easier to access and share your photos and videos.

2. Bring your photos to life.

You can edit, create, and share your photos and videos using this app. Google Photos app helps you create montages,, collages, animations, and so much more. Easily apply filters, adjust colors, crop, along with other editing tools through the Google Photos app. The best part is that you can easily share hundreds of photos instantly, wherever you’d like!

3. Access and organize your photos with ease.

Gone are the days of trying to remember what folder you saved your photos under. The Google Photos app organizes your photos by the people, places, and things that appear in your photos. Next time, when you’re looking for the picture of yourself snorkeling in Costa Rica, you won’t have to scroll and search for hours. Just search “Costa Rica” or “snorkeling” to find it, even if it doesn’t have a description.

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Thanks to the Google Photos app, you never have to delete photos for good again! Have you started using this app? What do you think about it? Share with us in the comments.