Summer is full of so many possibilities: vacations, parties, concerts, and relaxing nights outside with friends and family. As much as you love summer, the one thing that can ruin it all is the heat; am I right?!  At times, it begins to feel like an impossible task to look stylish while it is basically, one million degrees outside! There is no need to sweat it anymore! Here are some things to consider in order to beat the heat in style!

Photo Jul 24, 8 35 53 AM1. Wear loose clothing.

Let’s be real, I certainly don’t like my clothes sticking to my body after spending time in the hot sun; i’m sure you can agree! That being said, the looser the clothing, the cooler the clothing. This doesn’t mean that your clothes need to be two sizes bigger then what you normally wear. Try wearing a  flowing dress or shirt instead of a skintight tank top. You will be much more comfortable in the summer sun!

2. Wear breathable fabrics.

Stick to a light-weight fabric, such as cotton. Unlike polyester or rayon, cotton breathes easier. Synthetics fabrics are known to trap in heat, keeping your body temperature higher.  Wearing a lighter fabric will allow you to feel less sticky and gross because they are better at absorbing sweat and dry faster. They help you stay cooler and more refreshed at outdoor activities throughout the summer!

Photo Jul 24, 8 42 21 AM3. Wear light colors.

Light colors reflect the sun, while the darker colors absorb the sun, causing your body temperature to rise. Summer is a great time to play with colors, but stick to the darker colors in moderation. Just remember, the lighter the color, the cooler you are!

4. Stay structured.

Lightweight fabrics are essential to staying cool this summer, but they tend to cling to your body at times. Choose clothing that has some structure! This will allow the outfit to flatter your body, keep you cool, and it won’t cling to you the instant you start sweating.

5. Stay made in the shade.

Bring the shade to you by wearing a wide-brim hat and a pair of trendy sunglasses!

Photo Jul 24, 8 37 49 AM

You can now enjoy your summer fun in cool style! What are some things you do to help yourself beat the heat in style?